The Importance of Picture Books to Child Development
    The Importance of Picture Books to Child Development 1024 576 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    Picture books are an important part of the learning process of a child. Not only can they be a child’s first introduction to an outside world, they can also be…

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    Ways to Encourage Empathy in Children
    5 WAYS TO ENCOURAGE EMPATHY IN CHILDREN 1024 576 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    Empathy is vital for social development — it’s what allows us to understand how other people feel and think, and enables us to interact with them in healthy ways. Studies…

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    Why Multicultural Children's Books Matter in the Classroom
    Why Multicultural Children’s Books Matter in the Classroom 1024 576 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    Children’s books are an important part of any classroom. They are a great way to engage your students and help them learn new things. The best books are those that…

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    Tips on Discussing Race With Your Children
    Let’s Talk About Race: 7 Tips Allies Can Use When Discussing Race With Your Children 1024 576 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    If we are to move the needle of social justice forward, we must have honest conversations about race. These conversations are necessary within and outside of BIPOC communities, and should…

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    4 tips to help prevent summer learning loss
    4 TIPS TO HELP PREVENT SUMMER LEARNING LOSS 600 180 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    We know that summer break is probably one of the best times of year for a kid. It’s chocked full of late sleep ins and long days of play. Sometimes,…

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    Activity and Coloring Books Unsung Educational Heroes
    Activity and Coloring Books: Unsung Educational Heroes 1024 493 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    It goes without question that reading a book is an excellent way to stimulate a scholar’s imagination.  But what about activity books? Can they also be beneficial? Recent studies say…

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    Diverse Kidlit To Help Prevent the Summer Slide 1024 493 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    For most kids, summer break is the best time of year! I mean, it’s a break from those dreadful early morning wake-ups. It’s a break from rigid school rules and…

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    diverse kidlit that we absolutely love
    Diverse Kidlit That We Absolutely Love! 778 296 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    Multicultural Children’s Book Day is an online celebration rooted in the frustration of two moms who wanted to see diversity in their children’s literature.  They organized and created this national…

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    20 Black Owned Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season
    20 Black Owned Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season 1024 576 pmclaurin pmclaurin

    As you continue your holiday shopping this season, consider supporting at least one of these Black Owned Indie Bookstores! Afriware Books – Chicago, IL – Afriware Books is a Black…

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    non fiction header

    I’ll acknowledge that as of late, my go to reading preference has been fiction.  A compelling novel, capable of captivating my imagination and crafting the kind of experience that will…

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