Activity and Coloring Books: Unsung Educational Heroes
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    It goes without question that reading a book is an excellent way to stimulate a scholar’s imagination.  But what about activity books? Can they also be beneficial? Recent studies say…

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    Diverse Kidlit To Help Prevent the Summer Slide
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    For most kids, summer break is the best time of year! I mean, it’s a break from those dreadful early morning wake-ups. It’s a break from rigid school rules and…

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    Diverse Kidlit That We Absolutely Love!
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    Multicultural Children’s Book Day is an online celebration rooted in the frustration of two moms who wanted to see diversity in their children’s literature.  They organized and created this national…

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    20 Black Owned Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season
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    As you continue your holiday shopping this season, consider supporting at least one of these Black Owned Indie Bookstores! Afriware Books – Chicago, IL – Afriware Books is a Black…

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    I’ll acknowledge that as of late, my go to reading preference has been fiction.  A compelling novel, capable of captivating my imagination and crafting the kind of experience that will…

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    Patrice McLaurin is featured on!
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    Thursday, September 3, 2020 Author and Image Activist Works to Dismantle Racist Biases Against Black Children One Book at a Time Patrice McLaurin is a Microsoft Acclaimed, Amazon Best Selling…

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    Okay, let’s get into it.  No bells and whistles.  We’ll begin by unpacking the idea of race as it relates to the United States of America.  Race, in and of…

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    If You Want To Truly Help To Dismantle Racism, TELL THE CHILDREN THE TRUTH!
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    For the record, this is me thinking out loud.  Right now, I am about to subject you to the intricacies of the random space that is my mind, which again,…

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    FREE Lessons to Accompany Thank an Inventor Series
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    Greetings Family! We’re still distance learning, and I know that scholars are missing their teachers and friends.  Not only that, parents may be a bit concerned, or quite frankly overwhelmed,…

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    “FALSE MEDIA, WE DON’T NEED IT DO WE?” – How Commercialized Hip Hop Impacts the African-American Child
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    Okay, let me begin at the beginning.  I am a bona fide fan of hip hop.  I’ve been enamored with it since its humble beginnings.  In fact, it is my…

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