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    The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional schooling and has led to significant learning loss for many students. As schools and educators work to address this issue, social emotional learning (SEL) children’s books can be a valuable tool to support student learning and well-being.

    SEL is the process of learning to recognize and manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as developing social skills and relationships with others. SEL children’s books can help students to learn and practice these skills in a fun and engaging way.

    Here are a few ways that SEL children’s books can aid in post-pandemic learning loss:

    1. They promote emotional regulation: Many students have experienced a range of emotions during the pandemic, including stress, anxiety, and loneliness. SEL children’s books can help students toDandi McLion Has Her Say Book identify and express their emotions in a healthy way, which can improve their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors. For example, in the picture book Dandi McLion Has Her Say, the main character uses a breathing technique to help her handle that big emotion we call anger.
    2. They encourage social connection: The pandemic disrupted in-person I Am Because I Choosesocial interactions, which can be especially challenging for young children. SEL children’s books can help students to learn about and practice social skills, such as empathy, communication, and conflict resolution, which can foster social connections and relationships. The book, I Am Because I Choose is an example of a children’s book that promotes empathy, compassion, respect, responsibility and a host of other valuable character traits.
    3. They enhance problem-solving skills: The pandemic presented many challenges and students will need to be able to think creatively and problem-solve in order to overcome them. SEL children’s books can help students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be useful in a variety of situations.
    4. They support academic skills: SEL skills are closely linked to academic success. Students who are able to regulate their emotions, connect with others, and problem-solve are more likely to be successful in school. By incorporating SEL children’s books into their reading, students can develop these skills and be better prepared for academic challenges.

    Overall, SEL children’s books can be a valuable resource to aid in post-pandemic learning loss. By promoting emotional regulation, encouraging social connection, enhancing problem-solving skills, and supporting academic skills, SEL children’s books can help students to navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic world and succeed in school.



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