Why Holiday Shopping Should Start With Picture Books

    Why Holiday Shopping Should Start With Picture Books

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    Christmas is a time of fun, family, food and of course gifts! Gift giving can sometimes be a bit daunting, especially when you’re trying to determine what to get the little ones on your list. Well I’m here with an obvious solution: picture books!

    They’re fun, they’re educational and they’re inexpensive!

    Here are a few reasons why picture books make great Christmas gifts for that special little one in your life:

    They’re affordable – Picture books are generally quite affordable. You can find great deals online and at your local bookstore. You may even be able to find free ones at your local library!

    There are so many options – There are thousands of different kinds of picture books, including those that teach lessons, have fun interactive features, or just tell a good story. You can find the perfect picture book for your little human, based upon their interests and/or lessons you’d like to instill.

    They’re fun – Whether it’s just flipping through pages or reading aloud with your family, there’s nothing better than sharing a precious moment over pictures and words with people you care about on Christmas morning!

    They help develop literacy skills – Picture books are also great gifts because they help develop literacy skills in children. What child wouldn’t enjoy a fun read aloud that teaches new words and phrases, all while nestled in the loving arms of their parents or grandparents?

    So, there you have it. Picture books make great Christmas presents. In fact, whether you’re looking for a gift for your favorite toddler or a gift for a parent or grandparent, picture books are a delightful and timeless choice. This season, as you look around at gifts that cost hundreds of dollars and are ultimately forgotten, keep in mind the impact of a picture book. More often than not, they lead to an experience that’s pretty special.



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